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The Double Backup Strategy

As an IT manager, you will already know how quickly a single disaster, whether it’s a system crash or security hack, can work to halt your company’s operations. And all too often, companies question their ability to safeguard data after a breach has occurred. The best time to ask the question of how to increase the safety of your company’s data is before disaster strikes.


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Archiving & Backup: Are They The Same Thing?

You may have overheard the terms ‘archive’ and ‘backup’ being used in the same context, or you may have caught yourself using them interchangeably. The fact of the matter is that, although archiving and backup are both methods of storing data, they are not the same thing. Backups and archives serve very different purposes.

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Planning & Preparing For Security Incidents

Any incident with IT security is a serious one. As such, it’s important to consider how these kinds of incidents will be handled when they occur, and plan for them accordingly. The first step in this kind of strategy is to have a clear definition of what constitutes an IT security incident.


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Getting Ready to Dispose of your IT Assets? Think Before You Recycle

There can be a range of confusing choices when the time comes to get rid of your company’s e-waste. E-waste includes items like mobile phones, laptops and even printers and fax machines. You can resell these products, take them to a local recycling depot, re purpose them or destroy them, but which choice is best?


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Data Security Begins with Company Culture

Thanks to technology’s rapid evolution, security risks are more prevalent now than they’ve ever been. It is true that sophisticated software has been created to answer those risks, but is it enough to solve the problem? One of the most effective solutions to security risks is actually very low-tech; it’s the culture in your company.


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