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Protecting Yourself from WannaCry Ransomware

There is no doubt that ransomware can result in significant losses for business. However, with the recent WannaCry ransomware outbreak that has badly affected at least 25 organisations as well as several NHS services, it’s clear that this latest threat is far more sinister than those which have come before it.

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Communicating The Benefits of Digitisation

Often, it can be difficult to communicate the benefits of digitisation. However, if your company is ready to improve its information management, digitisation is the way to go. It is true that digitising your information means changing the way things are done. However, the benefits of digitisation cannot be ignored.

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Answer These Important Questions About Data Deletion

With the volume of information being produced at exponential rates, it can become increasingly difficult to manage data effectively. However, decisions need to be made regarding which electronic records to keep and which to discard.


In order to develop an effective strategy that can be used regardless of the amount of data being produced, it’s important to ask some important questions.

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Understanding The Data Management Life Cycle

The secure management of business data is an essential task for every company. This can be expensive, and high storage costs are just one risk that can become a reality without the right strategy in place. Because IT managers are responsible for cost and process management for data and its storage, building a successful management strategy for the data life cycle can pose a significant challenge. 

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Data Security & Virtual Storage Providers

Cloud providers and other virtual systems can present very real data security challenges when the time comes to go to another cloud provider or purchase new physical storage. These kinds of live storage environments can make it difficult to know how to ensure any unwanted data is completely erased.

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