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How To Dispose of IT Equipment The Right Way

Corporate IT managers and company directors often remark about how quickly old IT equipment becomes obsolete. Even computers that were being used as recently as two or three years ago can seem slow given today's demands. As digital technology becomes ever more advanced, so businesses need to reinvest in their networking and other IT equipment.

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Google Chrome Vs Firefox - Which Browser Is More Secure?

Different browsers operate in different ways but basically, users want them to do the same thing – to load up pages rapidly so they can view the information they want to see. However, all browsers must do another job which is often going on behind the scenes, that of protecting your device from malware, whether it is a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet.

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Five ‘Amusing’ Facts About Cyber Security

Cyber security is not just for government departments and big businesses. All enterprises which use networked computers can suffer from hackers who often use genuine login details to gain unwarranted access to your servers and steal your data. If you don't take cyber security seriously, then your customers' private data may be at risk, leading to reputational damage and the likelihood of big...

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Best Practices For Password Security In The Workplace

The importance of data security cannot be overestimated. There have been a number of high profile cases in the recent past – in the UK and elsewhere – where data breaches have occurred that have done huge reputational damage to the businesses concerned.

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Are You Keeping Up To Date In The Digital World?

Even established businesses can find it tricky to keep up to date with increasing digitisation these days. Unless you run a tech start-up enterprise, it may seem like the digital world has left your business behind. However, all sorts of companies – from SMEs to large corporations – need to embrace digitisation or they will get left behind in the end. Even long-established processes like...

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6 Hidden Dangers Of Free IT Recycling

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