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Communicating The Benefits of Digitisation

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Often, it can be difficult to communicate the benefits of digitisation. However, if your company is ready to improve its information management, digitisation is the way to go. It is true that digitising your information means changing the way things are done. However, the benefits of digitisation cannot be ignored.


Reduced Dependency On Paper


One of digitisation’s biggest advantages is that there is no longer any need to rely on the creation or the storage of paper to hold information. With a reduced dependency on paper, your company can work more efficiently. Some of the ways higher efficiency can be had with digitisation include better productivity, future forecasting and faster response time to customers.




Instead of spending time searching through paper files, employees can access digital copies of information. As well, they can collaborate on and update documents with staff in other offices nearly instantly, something that’s simply not possible with paper records.




When you choose digitisation, you are choosing to invest in a future where, due to the ease of accessibility of documents, a clearer picture of the company’s future can be obtained. With instantly-accessible digital records, anyone can view a partial or full overview. This is especially beneficial when information needs to be obtained by several departments.




Digitisation eliminates the need for staff to waste time searching for a particular customer file. Instead, they can access the needed documents while speaking with the customer. The customer is not kept waiting, and can be assured that every response they may receive from staff will be accurate, as digitised records can be instantly updated.


Practices Which Can Hamper Digitisation


Several companies still believe that paper storage is the best option for information that’s of a sensitive nature. It’s hard to blame them; after all, paper has been a secure staple for what seems like forever. Similarly, there are companies who still require contracts and their signatures to be paper-based, despite increased security and digital signatures.


The good news is that improvements may be on the rise; as technology advances and the benefits of data digitisation are more easily revealed, making it easier for IT departments to convince upper management of the advantages to the company. 


Digitisation Is An Inside Job


As much as you or other staff want to have digitisation in your offices, there may be a piece of the puzzle missing. In order to build a solid foundation for effective communication of the benefits of digitisation, you must first assess all of the processes which use paper at your location.


It is only in seeing how much paper is being used and where, and then identifying the vulnerabilities associated with it that a true understanding of the benefits can be realised.


When It’s Time To Get Rid Of Paper


If your company relies heavily on paper records, a large volume of paper may be left for destruction. But how can you accomplish this without compromising your security? One solution is to call Absolute IT. In addition to documents, we can also dispose of any assets containing digital information, such as USB keys, CDs and hard drives. 


We know that letting go of paper can be difficult; after all, your company may have been using it for years. However, when management and staff see that we provide a certificate of destruction and a full asset report of everything that was destroyed, they need not worry that any information was compromised.


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