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E-Waste: The Other Big Story Of 2020 - Here’s How You And Your Company Can Be Part Of The Solution

E-Waste is a critical problem for the planet and Britain. Although COVID-19 has dominated headlines this year as 'the' crisis of the decade, we shouldn't overlook our growing environmental issues, too...

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Can I Reassign A Furloughed Employee’s Laptop To Another Team Member?

The Government’s furlough scheme, which has recently been extended until October 2020, has supported many employees who have been unable to work during the Covid-19 crisis.

Unlike those workers who have continued to carry out their employment at home, furloughed staff have not needed to use business IT assets, such as laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices, many of which now lie unused...

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One Person’s Rubbish is a Hacker’s Treasure - The Dangers Of Unsafe Hardware Disposal


Once a piece of IT equipment is broken, finished, or obsolete, no-one’s going to bother to go to the trouble of using it again for anything, right? Not necessarily...

Many inexperienced IT administrators, business owners, and equipment officers fall into the trap of thinking that once a machine is classed as ‘used’ or unwanted, it’s effectively useless to the company and everyone else.

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Checklist: How To Secure Your New Workplace Computer

When you get a new computer, the first thing to take care of is cybersecurity. Prevention is better than cure; just like with your own health, it's better to stop issues arising in the first place than to have to firefight later. Let's run through some simple tips to help keep your business and customer data safe.

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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Electronic Resellers For Your Business’ Unwanted Hardware

From time to time, most businesses upgrade their IT hardware to keep pace with their competitors and the ever-changing face of technology. Replacing even a small number of computers, tablets, servers, and storage devices can be costly, so it’s unsurprising that many businesses seek to save money by reselling redundant electronic assets. There are numerous electronic resellers who will promise...

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The Advantages Of HDD Shredding For Data Security


HDD shredding is a foolproof method for permanently destroying sensitive data on redundant storage devices from desktop PCs, to laptops and file servers. Instead of simply cleaning the devices, which in some cases can risk the illicit recovery of data by third parties, physical HDD shredding ensures that the hard drive is destroyed by shredding it into tiny fragments, meaning there is no...

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The 5 Most Serious Data Security Risks & How To Avoid Them

As hacking becomes an increasing danger for businesses, secure data management is becoming a primary concern. Here are the five leading data security risks and how to avoid them:

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The 5 Biggest Data Risks To Be Aware Of In 2020


Data security is a more significant issue in IT than ever before, with the prevalence and cost of privacy failures rising rapidly. According to one study, data breaches have risen by over 54% in the past year, while a report by IBM sets the average cost of a major breach at over £3 million.

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Data Protection & IT Asset Disposal: How To Comply With The Law

IT managers who are arranging for the disposal of unwanted or out-of-date hardware, including data storage devices, face a variety of challenges. From the safe deletion of sensitive data to the removal of bulky equipment, practical problems abound, which is why employing an asset disposal company such as Absolute ITAD to manage the operation, can ensure the process is efficient and within the...

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Is It Safe To Resell Your Used IT Assets?

As your business grows, you upgrade your IT hardware to assets that provide more storage capacity and better performance. A company can get rid of these used IT assets by reselling them or donating them to charity. However, if not done correctly, reselling IT assets can risk a catastrophic data breach, even if you believe the hard drive is clean.

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6 Hidden Dangers Of Free IT Recycling

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