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Why Your Customer's Privacy Is At Risk When Recycling Old IT Assets

We live in a world of other people’s information. All manner of devices contain data in memory chips and SIM cards as well as hard disks and solid state drives. Network appliances can contain all kinds of information and settings about a company’s infrastructure configuration, client data, and network contacts. Mobile devices are just smaller computers that have extensive memory capacity. Some...

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What Are The Best Ways To Rank Cyber Security Risks

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report (2018), over 21,000 surveyed business leaders from 140 countries now rank cyber-crime at the top of their list of risks. The key to managing this threat, we are told, is thorough cyber-security risk assessment. If you’d like to learn how to rank your cyber-security risks accurately and efficiently, read on.

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Best Practices For Reusing Corporate Laptops

It seems like a pretty safe activity, doesn’t it? After all, we are all colleagues, and a simple reimage and redeploy of a Windows laptop - deleting the old user’s profile and creating a new one - and it’s job done. But is it? The truth about how much data remains after a standard reimage and redeploy is sobering. Personal information and company data linger in the background, and simple...

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4 Steps You Can Take To Avoid A Ransomware Attack In 2019

Ransomware is now the most common type of malware, involved in almost half of all incidents reported to cybersecurity companies. It used to be mainly a problem on Windows desktops and laptops but now criminals target Android devices and – increasingly – business systems. That means bigger ransom demands and extortion rewards for the criminals.

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What To Do If You Suspect A Data Breach

The steps needed to recover from a data breach are just as critical as the measures you need to take against them. Let’s assume you have all the usual safeguards in place: an up-to-date firewall and anti-virus, good data security policies, safe asset disposal/recycling procedures. What do you do when, despite this, cyber attackers can find ways to access privileged information? When you...

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Password Security Best Practices For the Workplace


Passwords are the most basic protection measures for computer systems, yet they account for the highest percentage of data breaches. Over 80% of incidents of compromised systems are due to weak and stolen passwords. One data security measure that we advise clients on at Absolute IT is to have secure passwords for all devices. Companies must train their employees on various best practices...

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5 Best Practices To Avoid Malware Attacks

The threat of malicious attacks is one that every business with a computer system has to guard itself against. Malware attacks use software to collect information without authorisation. Besides stealing data, malicious software can damage a system severely. Data leakage is also a significant threat when recycling equipment. This is why entrusting a reputable company like Absolute IT Asset...

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6 Cyber Security Essentials For Remote Working

Remote working is a notable feature of our Internet-enabled age that benefits both employers and workers. Businesses reduce the cost of facilities and employees enjoy freedom from the commute and a degree of flexible working hours.

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Avoid These 5 Data Security Mistakes

Cyber criminals work ceaselessly to discover and exploit all manner of vulnerabilities in an organisation. Take a moment to consider how your company stacks up against these threats and common mistakes.


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5 Key Differences Between Computer Memory Data Storage

The two computing terms Memory and Storage seem to cause quite a lot of confusion and are sometimes wrongly used interchangeably. They are quite different things as we hope to illustrate in this brief article.


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6 Hidden Dangers Of Free IT Recycling

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