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Does The IT Recycling Company You Use Ensure GDPR Compliance?

The stiff new General Data Protection Regulation is demanding on your recycling practices, and failing to comply comes with severe penalties no business can afford. Your passwords, accounts, and files can be abused in many different ways, and only a GDPR-compliant IT asset disposal service can assure you of absolute safety. Compliance isn’t easy to assess, though. The GDPR is complex and...

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12 Data Security Tips For Using The Cloud Safely

If your company holds or accesses any data whatsoever remotely in 2019, the chances are that you're using a cloud server. Using the cloud, however, often means that you're putting your eggs in someone else's basket. How can you keep your data as safe as possible when it's not on your personal, local machines? Even if it is, how can you limit the risks involved? Here are some quick and easy...

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4 Data Security Risks That Nobody Will Tell You About

If you're an IT manager, a system administrator, or you work in tech support, you're probably well aware of all the basic tips and tricks when it comes to online and offline security. It would be utterly patronising to talk you through how passwords, firewalls, anti-virus, and data leaks work yet again.

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Why Use An ADISA Accredited IT Asset Disposal Company?

Every industry has one or more professional accreditations. For IT recycling businesses, the only accreditation that matters is certification by the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance (ADISA). ADISA is an international professional body that establishes standards for service, quality control and secure data-handling for IT asset disposal companies.

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What Exactly Is Personal Data?

One year (or thereabouts) since the implementation of the GDPR across the EU, it’s worth taking stock of what is covered and what constitutes personal data under the legislation.

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Choose A Professional Family Run Business For Your IT Recycling Needs

There are a number of companies operating in the IT recycling market, so it’s only natural for us to give some thought to the factors that set us apart from our competitors. There are standard ways to answer this – by talking about our professionalism, commitment to service and how seriously we take data security and environmental responsibility. These points are all true, but the same can no...

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Who Is Responsible For Secure Asset Disposal In An Organisation?


Hardly a month goes by without a large company reporting a data breach and coming under fire for allowing it to happen. As the public becomes more concerned with computer security, so does every business owner or manager who routinely handles private data.

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The Importance Of Backing Up Your Company Data

You don't know what you've got until it's gone - it may be an old adage, but it applies very well to 21st century problems like corporate data security. Hard drive failures, water damage, viruses, Trojans, and ransomware attacks can all wipe or corrupt irreplaceable data. Not backing up your data is a gamble you shouldn't be making, especially since all it takes is time. Here are some of the...

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Secure IT Asset Disposal Services In Derby

Organisations that have access to private data have a duty of care to their clients, but not all of them keep their end of the bargain. With so much bad publicity, data loss is clearly a growing problem and a major cause for concern to business owners.

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10 Small Password Security Tips That Can Make All the Difference

As the building blocks of online security in the Information Age, passwords serve as the first - and sometimes the only - line of defence against cyber-crime. Companies and their staff rely on them for both online and offline security, and nothing can match the peace of mind that a strong password can offer.

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6 Hidden Dangers Of Free IT Recycling

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