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Restore or Recycle Your IT Assets?

What's the right way to deal with IT assets that are coming to the end of their working life? At Absolute IT, we've got a range of solutions to solve your problems. Whether you need full disposal of components damaged beyond repair or want to keep using your devices, we can help you. Below is a simple guide to help you decide what to do with your aging IT assets.


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What Are The Most Common Cybercrime Risks & What Can I Do To Avoid Them?

Although it's been a great boon to almost everyone in Britain, the Internet has also proven itself a risky place to work and play. As going online has become more and more popular, petty and experienced criminals have sat up and taken notice. Wrongdoers from across the world with an array of motivations, tools, and methods have moved into the sphere of cybercrime.

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The 3 Most Notorious Malware Threats That All Businesses Should Be Aware Of

Some threats to your company computers are simply nastier than others. The worst malware can prove to be especially destructive, virulent, costly, embarrassing, compromising, or difficult to remove without professional-grade data sanitisation. Below are three of the biggest threats that users, companies, and administrators face today.


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How Does GDPR Affect Our IT Recycling Service?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to any company that processes personal data, including the way they dispose of data-bearing IT devices. The “right to be forgotten” gives clients the right to have their data erased. It cannot be disseminated or processed by third parties, even due to negligence, which is why your IT recycling service is so heavily affected by this...

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4 Common IT Recycling Mistakes to Avoid

At Absolute IT, we're deeply experienced when it comes to the safe, clean, and secure disposal of all types of IT assets. However, there are some vital steps that every user and administrator can take before they pass their old and unwanted IT equipment to us for recycling. These simple tips will help you avoid data breaches, prevent the spread of toxic pollution, and stop you scrapping...

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Why Does An IT Asset Disposal Business Need To Be ADISA Certified?

ADISA offers accreditation to businesses who deal with IT asset disposal (ITAD) and approves products involved in data sanitisation. Its services are dynamic enough to deal with an increasingly regulated sector, conducting reassessments every year. The latest set of standards accredits ITAD providers who deliver consistent security through independently verified tools and the latest best...

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What Exactly Is Ransomware & Should I Be Concerned?

Ransomware is any malicious program that locks you out of your own system or files and restores access in return for a ransom payment. It relies on high-end encryption to work, scrambling the order of data chunks stored in your hard drive through a complex algorithm known as a cypher. Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to ransomware attack if precautions are not taken to safeguard...

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Why Has The Demand For Cybersecurity Grown?

Cybersecurity is currently a booming sector. With more of our economy coming online every day, professionals such as systems analysts, Dev-Ops engineers, and security managers are in high demand. Encryption, anti-virus, and firewalls are now ubiquitous, rather than luxury insurance policies. But why now, of all times? Here are some of the major reasons.

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How Can You Trust Your IT Recycler Is Erasing your Data?

A recent ADISA study revealed that many companies are still ignoring their GDPR compliance duties. With EU-wide penalties for non-compliance reaching the £10 million mark, this makes the IT recycling market potentially catastrophic for any business without a thorough understanding of data protection legislation. The only way to stay safe is with the help of the sole enterprise offering...

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Does The IT Recycling Company You Use Ensure GDPR Compliance?

The stiff new General Data Protection Regulation is demanding on your recycling practices, and failing to comply comes with severe penalties no business can afford. Your passwords, accounts, and files can be abused in many different ways, and only a GDPR-compliant IT asset disposal service can assure you of absolute safety. Compliance isn’t easy to assess, though. The GDPR is complex and...

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6 Hidden Dangers Of Free IT Recycling

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