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How Can I Know If My Computer Or Mobile Has Been Infected By Malware?


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It can be harder than you might think to determine whether a company device is suffering from a malware infestation. Malicious apps are deliberately designed to hide in plain sight or run in the background of an operating system (OS) to evade detection. However, with the right knowledge they can be rooted out, disabled, and deleted for good. Here's a guide to quick...

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5 Tips To Keep Your Workplace Computers Safe & Secure

Workplace IT safety measures don't have to be complicated or time-consuming. There are simple steps that you can take today to improve the strength and security of your business computers, servers, and networks.
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The Importance Of Good Data Sanitation

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What happens to your digital data once it's no longer needed? If you run a business that holds any client details whatsoever, or you handle sensitive and confidential information on a personal computer, the answer should be that it's sanitased. Sanitation is the process of irreversibly deleting files, data, or an OS so that it cannot be...

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Malware Got Me! Now What?

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So, you know that a business PC, laptop, or smartphone has been infected by malware. How do you stop it from stealing sensitive customer data or causing more damage? More importantly, how do you get rid of it from your computer - forever? Here's our guide to the steps you should take.

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What Can IT Departments Do About Mobile Malware?

As open Wi-Fi (WLAN) and mobile devices with the power and capability of a desktop computer have become steadily more popular since 2006, malware designers have increasingly targeted the mobile market. Current mobile malware is overwhelmingly aimed at iOS and Android smartphones and targets the same areas as older, Windows-focused malware. Ad and potentially unwanted program (PUP) injection,...

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5-Point Process Of IT Asset Disposal From A Certified Company

What exactly happens when you send your old IT equipment off to an IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) company to be disposed of? Here's our simple guide to the five-step, fixed method used to repurpose assets sent to an IT recycling company such as ourselves. Providing it is an ADISA certified, professional disposal business, the process should look something like this…

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Does The Recycle Bin Actually Delete Your Data?

Since the watershed release of operating system Windows 95, every OS build of Windows has contained a designated area of the operating system called the Recycle Bin. When files or folders are marked for deletion, they are transferred from the main body of the OS into Recycling. Any files in the Recycle Bin are not displayed or accessible to users navigating the desktop or any other folders...

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Restore or Recycle Your IT Assets?

What's the right way to deal with IT assets that are coming to the end of their working life? At Absolute IT, we've got a range of solutions to solve your problems. Whether you need full disposal of components damaged beyond repair or want to keep using your devices, we can help you. Below is a simple guide to help you decide what to do with your aging IT assets.


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What Are The Most Common Cybercrime Risks & What Can I Do To Avoid Them?

Although it's been a great boon to almost everyone in Britain, the Internet has also proven itself a risky place to work and play. As going online has become more and more popular, petty and experienced criminals have sat up and taken notice. Wrongdoers from across the world with an array of motivations, tools, and methods have moved into the sphere of cybercrime.

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The 3 Most Notorious Malware Threats That All Businesses Should Be Aware Of

Some threats to your company computers are simply nastier than others. The worst malware can prove to be especially destructive, virulent, costly, embarrassing, compromising, or difficult to remove without professional-grade data sanitisation. Below are three of the biggest threats that users, companies, and administrators face today.


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6 Hidden Dangers Of Free IT Recycling

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