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Did You Upgrade Your Hardware In Response To Microsoft Stopping Support For Older Versions Of Office?

Office 365 support and integration for several of its flagship software packages finished from the end of October 2020. Exchange Online, OneDrive and OneDrive Business, and SharePoint Online no longer receive any compatibility updates for old Office software suites.

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The Benefits Of Electronic Waste Recycling

Electronic waste is a serious problem in the UK and worldwide. According to the Global E-Waste Monitor report (2019), the UK produces more waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) than any other country except Norway. And, while the volume has fallen in the UK since 2016, WEEE – from computers and lighting to printers and mobile phones – continues to present a real challenge to businesses...

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How To Securely Destroy Data


A vital part of data lifecycle management is the destruction of data when it is no longer required, or when the storage device has come to the end of its life.


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The Importance Of Recycling Old Computers, And Where You Can Recycle Them!

From desktops and mobile phones, to servers and USB flash drives, IT hardware is a core part of modern business. However, the industry is rapidly advancing, so most organisations must frequently dispose of unwanted IT assets. Knowing where to recycle old computers safely can be a challenge.

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A Brief Guide to ‘Zero Waste’ IT: The Advantages and Dangers

Zero Waste is a new and innovative approach to managing the disposal and reuse of outdated, broken, and faulty IT assets. The movement aims to drastically cut down the masses of plastics, rare earth metals, and valuable, still-working components that end up thrown away, burned, or landfilled each year by British businesses each year.

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How Can I Dispose of My Old IT Equipment?

Everything made has a 'best before' date, and computers, monitors, and IT assets are no exception. If your company IT equipment is becoming outdated and slow, or is damaged or broken, you're going to want a safe and clean way to dispose of your old equipment to make way for the new.

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How To Ensure Data Security When Your Team Are Working From Home

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of daily life in the UK, with homeworking now commonplace for increasing numbers of people. Some industry experts predict that many workers will, at least on a part-time basis, continue to work at home once Covid-19 is consigned to history.

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Is It Safe To Throw Away A Company Smartphone?

Smartphones are an integral part of business life, offering several essential benefits. From increased productivity and more responsive customer service, to more timely decision-making and the ability to work remotely, mobile phones have enabled businesses to streamline their activity and build stronger relationships with clients.

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Why Is Electronic Waste Hazardous?

Most people are familiar with the concept of waste – the massive drive to increase the recycling of household rubbish and the recent upsurge in fly-tipping during the Covid-19 pandemic have pushed the problem of waste disposal to the forefront of people’s minds. However, electronic waste (also known as e-waste) is a separate problem, with the United Nations estimating that over 48 million tonnes...

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How To Secure Your SaaS Applications

The Covid-19 crisis has generated concern that cybercriminals will be able to take advantage of businesses and consumers to make quick profits. In the month since lockdown procedures were implemented, the UK’s National Cyber Security Unit shut down over 2,000 scam websites, while Google blocked hundreds of millions of phishing emails.

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