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Cloud providers and other virtual systems can present very real data security challenges when the time comes to go to another cloud provider or purchase new physical storage. These kinds of live storage environments can make it difficult to know how to ensure any unwanted data is completely erased.

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A Change In Perspective

Ensuring that the data stored on cloud and physical servers – also known as virtual data – is erased requires thinking beyond traditional data erasure processes. The main point of erasing this virtual data, wherever it is stored, is that it can save your company money.


There are numerous cost benefits to companies that resell devices on which virtual data can be stored or that reassign devices within their company. They can delay the necessity to purchase costly new equipment, and also save money on the cost of asset disposal.


Secure Erasure Is Key


We all know that data deletion does not necessarily mean data removal. This is true of all storage, including virtual data stored in cloud systems. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that data is erased securely. This is possible when an IT security policy is in place that allows for secure data erasure. Cloud systems should be able to demonstrate their ability to securely erase data should you request it.


Any vital infrastructure in your company needs to have a process for the secure erasure of data. This includes folders and files which contain sensitive information. The GDPR, or EU General Data Protection Regulation, will be significant. Taking effect in May 2018, the GDPR will require all companies who trade with EU member nations to be able to permanently erase data quickly.


The Right Software


In order to be able to erase data quickly and ensure that erasure is permanent, the right software is absolutely critical. Certified tools like Blancco are unmatched in their ability to erase not only various data-containing items, but also comply with increasingly strict data protection laws.


Our team at Absolute IT understand the requirements of our customers. We know that what they need most is peace of mind that their unwanted data will be handled with the utmost privacy and security.


Easy Asset Disposal


In addition to data sanitisation of all company devices, we also offer a complete asset disposal service. Our specialised secure office boxes are designed to be tamper-proof, and are ideal for housing your unwanted assets until such time as it’s decided to dispose of them.


Ensuring that all sensitive data is not only handled, but destroyed properly with the right tools can be all that's needed to ensure your sensitive company data is not exploited.

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