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The Benefits Of Electronic Waste Recycling


Electronic waste is a serious problem in the UK and worldwide. According to the Global E-Waste Monitor report (2019), the UK produces more waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) than any other country except Norway. And, while the volume has fallen in the UK since 2016, WEEE – from computers and lighting to printers and mobile phones – continues to present a real challenge to businesses seeking a safe and ethical way to dispose of unwanted equipment.

Make An Enquiry Recycling, of course, is a part of life that has become the norm for businesses and households across the UK. But what are the benefits of electronic waste recycling, both for the environment and your business?


E-Waste Recycling Conserves Natural Resources

Most components in e-waste can be recycled, limiting the demand on the Earth’s natural resources. But it’s not just the drain on these resources that damages the environment: extracting and processing new resources, instead of recycling existing ones, accounts for approximately one half of all greenhouses gas emissions globally. If the current demand for goods continues, greenhouse gas emissions from resource extraction will increase by over 40% by 2060. Recycling e-waste, therefore, makes perfect sense, as it reduces demand on new resources and cuts emissions.


Recycling Protects The Environment From Toxic Pollution

Without electronic waste disposal, WEEE is often dumped illegally in landfill sites, often in the developing world, where toxic materials can leak into the soil, polluting underground water courses. Mercury, for example, can enter the food chain through livestock or plants, posing health risks to humans; lead is highly toxic to organisms, causing biochemical and physiological dysfunctions in plants. By choosing a responsible E-waste recycling business to process your unwanted WEEE, you can be assured of fulfilling your legal and moral obligations to protect the environment from contamination.


E-Waste Recycling Boosts Your Brand

For businesses today, green credentials are central to raising their brand awareness, for both consumers and employees who crave an association with companies who show a genuine commitment to sustainability. By working in partnership with an IT asset disposal business that delivers outstanding WEEE recycling, you can celebrate your brand’s environmentally friendly ethos, attracting a host of new customers and workers to your business.


How Absolute ITAD Can Support Your WEEE Disposal

At Absolute ITAD, we offer a range of services to assist with the safe, ethical, and environmentally friendly disposal of your business’ unwanted electronic equipment. We can ensure secure recycling of WEEE, with permanent erasure or destruction of data storage devices to protect your organisation from data leaks or cybercrime, while our fully traceable recycling audit trail ensures that your redundant equipment is disposed of without causing harm to the environment.


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