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How To Choose The Right IT Asset Disposal Company

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IT asset disposal is a crucial element of organisational cybersecurity, and when it comes to data protection, it pays to get it right. For companies with an interest in their sustainability profile, environmental waste disposal concerns are also important. Here are the 5 most important questions to ask an asset disposal company before taking out their service.

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1) Which Certifications Do They Have?

As legislation is continuously changing, certifications need to be regularly updated. There are some important ones to look for. When it comes to security, ADISA is an absolute must. For environmental responsibility, the R2 standard, ISO 14000, and e-Stewards certifications are the ones to look for. These ensure that dangerous items such as lithium batteries are disposed of safely, which demonstrates both compliance and environmental responsibility. Investors tend to favour companies with strong sustainability records, so selecting an asset disposal company with up-to-date accreditations can improve the organisational profile.    


2) What’s Their Communication Like?

Communication is everything, and when it comes to safe IT asset disposal, it really helps to have an individual project or account manager assigned to your case, especially if you will be recycling assets in large volumes or on a regular basis. Some companies will simply have a service line, which can bring unnecessary delays, confusion, and costs into the process. It’s likely that there will be lots of small questions that need answering quickly, so having a direct point of contact can keep things proactive and efficient. 


3) Are They Experts In The IT Field?

It may seem like a pointless question, but asking whether the ITAD company actually have qualifications, experience, and expertise is important. Fake ITAD organisations are everywhere, and their purpose is to harvest your data and sell it on the dark web. This is thought to be one of the root causes of many cyber-attacks. An ADISA certification will demonstrate the authenticity of the company, but if in doubt, check the testimonials.   


4) Are They Helpful When It Comes To Compliance Policies?

If your company is subject to data security regulations and policies, make sure that your IT asset disposal team is able to comply. For instance, some types of data removal software will not do a thorough job, leaving you potentially liable for any subsequent security breaches. The ideal ITAD company will have clearly articulated advice regarding its strategies, equipment, and capabilities.  


5) How Many Services Do They Offer?  

The correct disposal of IT assets requires several different steps. These include the safe collection of equipment, the necessary software to delete sensitive data, and the practical decommission of hardware. Ideally, this should all be done on site, so ask if they have shredding capabilities. ITAD companies also need a recycling end point, such as a safe market for repurposed elements. Insurance is also an important consideration, and reliable IT asset disposal teams will offer this. 


What Next?

As an ADISA registered IT asset disposal company, we have a strong focus on safety whilst ensuring the efficiency and proficiency of IT asset disposal. For more information about our services or to request a quote, please get in touch today.  

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