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3 Consequences Of Not Disposing Of IT Assets Securely

3 Consequences Of Not Disposing Of IT Assets Securely-1

Have you ever wondered about the consequences of not disposing of your assets securely? Whether you’re investing in a digital transformation, downsizing, or simply having a clear out, getting rid of devices that are filled with sensitive data and hazardous substances can be nerve-wracking.

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Here is a guide to some of the dangers that ‘free recycling’ can pose, and how companies such as Absolute IT guarantee to avoid them.

Problem 1: Your Old Tech Is Shipped Straight To The Third World

‘Free recycling’ is a wonderful ruse. It sounds responsible, sustainable, and budget-friendly.

For the companies offering this type of service, ‘free recycling’ is nothing more than a money-spinner. In many cases, laptops, phones, hard drives, servers, and computers are in a container and on their way abroad within a matter of days. It doesn't take long before you start receiving emails from all corners of the world – and they all seem to know your name!


Unfortunately, this type of security risk is no longer a mild inconvenience. GDPR legislation places data responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the organisation. Without proper data cleansing and asset disposal, all of this information is at risk, and your company is in line for significant fines if security is breached.


At Absolute IT, we:

  • Use industry leading Blancco data security platform to completely cleanse devices
  • Shred hard-drives so that data retrieval is impossible
  • Security vet and clear all our engineers
  • Are ISO9001 certified
  • Are Defence Infosec Product Co-Operation Group (DIPCOG) certified

What does this mean? That you and your clients have complete guarantee that your data will no longer exist after we have finished with it.

Problem 2: Environmental Wastage

Did you know that the average mobile phone or laptop contains over fifteen types of rare metal and mineral?


As an example, recycling minerals is crucial due to the rarity of the minerals, the dangers involved in mining, and the third-world conflicts that they fuel.

‘Free recycling’ firms often dump old equipment in landfill. This is not just irresponsible and wasteful, it has a negative impact in the stakes for corporate social responsibility.


Absolute IT guarantees that no recyclable parts will end up in landfill. We commit to this with:

  • Recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) carrier approval
  • Environment Agency Approval
  • 0% landfill commitment

Problem 3: Pollution

Lithium batteries may be great at storing energy, but they are also fantastic at getting companies into deep water with the environmental agency.


When batteries degrade, the lithium inside them is exposed. Highly reactive with oxygen and water, this leads to:

  • Intense fires – the Environmental Services Association (ESA) reported 128 such fires in 2017-18
  • The release of toxic chemicals into the air
  • Contamination of groundwater

Safe disposal of lithium batteries is time consuming and hazardous. However, responsible recycling companies ensure that the effort is made to tick every box. At Absolute IT, our commitment to recycling means guaranteed safe disposal of lithium batteries and other toxic substances. We are a recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) approved carrier, and are Environment Agency Approved.

What Next?

To ensure data security, company integrity, and environmental responsibility, always dispose of your IT assets responsibly. Get in touch today for a secure asset disposal quote.

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