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Data Destruction Is An Important Part Of Retiring Your Old Systems

Data Sanitization and Physical Hard Drive Destruction

Hardware upgrades and replacements become necessary for nearly all businesses at some point of time. Whether your IT equipment has been used to its limit, or you have decided to move on to the latest version of the IT hardware available in the market, you will decide to pack up and sell your old equipment somewhere down the line.

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Data destruction is an important part of retiring your old systems. Many businesses are under the misconception that a simple delete or format function should completely erase any intellectual property and sensitive consumer information of the company that may be present on these devices. The truth is that these elementary erase mechanisms are not sufficient to secure data. The data on these systems and drives can be easily accessed by anyone through hardware and software recovery methods, if they manage to get their hands on these digital storage devices.


A professional data sanitization service becomes indispensable when you are retiring your IT hardware.

At Absolute IT, our professionals ensure that there are no loopholes that allow anyone to lay their hands on your sensitive business data once the hardware goes up for re-sale or recycling. We employ up to level 7 wipes on the data to make sure that they data has been completely erased from the drives. This way even if the storage devices are reused by other individuals or organizations, there will be no instances of data leaks. 


Absolute IT is one of the trusted digital device data erasure services, we ensure that your data is handled securely, from start to completion, so your business does not have any data security breach nightmares. We have established secure hard drive degaussing protocols, that can easily be employed on-site, so you will not have to leave your old systems with us. Our professionals will visit the business site and carry out the data sanitization on the specified systems, so you can retire it after without any worries.


Certified Data Erasure

Businesses handle a variety of data, ranging from customer financial records to in-house applications. At Absolute IT, we sanitize the hardware device completely, and follow it up with a verification and certification, just so you can be sure that your data is completely deleted when you hand it over. We have a secure protocol set down for hardware degaussing processes that will be followed for each device.


Our services do not require for you to turn in your IT hardware that has to data-sanitized at our site. Our professionals will bring their expertise to your business location, and securely erase all the data on these devices.

They will first evaluate the device and speak to you to analyze the requirement and accordingly plan the data erasure process. They will then go onto degauss the data on the digital storage device which may include applications, operating systems, cookies, browser history, files, compressed files, encrypted files, and so on. We perform upto level 7 data wipes during sanitization. Once the process is complete, a verification is performed to ensure that there are is no remnant data.


The data deletion is permanent, meaning that the data cannot be recovered through digital methods, software tools, analog signals or other techniques. We even offer a certificate at the end of the data destruction process which serves as a guarantee that the data has been entirely erased from the device and cannot be retrieved by any means. These hard drives can be re-used or recycled following the process, without putting your sensitive business data at risk. 


Absolute IT offers hard drive degaussing services at nominal rates so businesses have a cost-effective channel to securely remove their data. Disposing off your old hardware without a professional sanitization can put your data in a vulnerable position and cost your business down the line. On the other hand, choosing a reliable data destruction service like Global Ewaste costs little and works in favor of your business in the long run.

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