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E-Waste: The Other Big Story Of 2020 - Here’s How You And Your Company Can Be Part Of The Solution

E-Waste: Here’s How You And Your Company Can Be Part Of The Solution

E-Waste is a critical problem for the planet and Britain. Although COVID-19 has dominated headlines this year as 'the' crisis of the decade, we shouldn't overlook our growing environmental issues, too...


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What Is E-waste And Why Is It Such A Problem?

E-Waste refers to any electronically-powered item that has reasonably passed the point of use and needs disposal. E-Waste includes used computers, tablets, smartphones, monitors and televisions, washing machines, irons, lamps, and much more. As electronics and IT assets become outdated or break, they are often carelessly discarded with general rubbish or recycling. Still-useful items are often wasted along with their valuable components, frame materials, and rare earth elements (contained inside circuits).


The UN estimates that 50 million tonnes of unrecycled electronic rubbish will end up in landfills, dumps, and illegal fly-tipping sites around the world this year alone. This squandering of natural resources will likely get worse in the coming decades as more of the world comes online.


Although many countries have schemes and laws in place to ensure the safe, effective recycling and repair of used electronics (such as the European Union and Britain's WEEE scheme), these are often accidentally or deliberately circumvented by rogue, uncredited waste disposal companies.


Improper disposal can cause immense environmental damage through dangerous fumes from illegal burning, microplastic and chemical leakage, groundwater contamination, and eyesores, often exported to some of the world's poorest countries and regions. There is a surprising lack of accountability in the global E-Waste disposal chain. The UN says that it cannot accurately trace what happens to the majority of E-Waste (beyond broad estimates).


What Can I Do To Combat IT E-waste

There are plenty of ways that you can help reduce the amount of E-Waste your company produces - and to recycle it safely, effectively, and accountably when the time comes. At Absolute ITAD, we provide a solution for your 'end-of-life' IT assets.


If you're working with obsolete or faulty IT hardware, you're at particular risk if your old technology ends up in a landfill or warehoused. Data can remain on hard disks and removable storage media for a very long time. It's easily recoverable by criminals using off-the-shelf software.


Old databases and accounts are often repurposed to remotely hack your systems and commit identity fraud. You may also be liable for GDPR breaches if you fail to dispose of critical customer data when it's no longer relevant and needed.

It's vital to find an ADISA and WEEE-accredited recycler who can cleanse your assets of any critical info that might be of use to bad actors. We're covered under both quality assurance schemes. Absolute ITAD use standard-setting software, hard drive demolition, and trained dismantlers to make sure that your data is gone - permanently. We also repurpose any usable components, casing, and circuitry for use in newer machines and items - helping the environment and your accounts.


ADISA accreditation means that the company is regularly audited and tested by an independent third-party body for data disposal compliance and high electronic recycling standards. It's a renewable certification, dependant on passing the latest audit - so you know we're up to speed on all of the latest cutting-edge techniques and software.


E-waste Recycling From Absolute ITAD

If you need old IT hardware or e-waste recycled, get in touch via email or phone. We'll give you a market-beating quote for safe data cleansing and asset retrieval and repurposing. Our transparent chain of accountability makes sure that all our clients can track their used IT assets, from delivery to reuse or disposal.

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