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4 Top Tips To Securely Transferring Your IT Assets To A New Location

4 Top Tips To Securely Transferring Your IT Assets To A New Location

Relocating to new premises is always a tense experience. Concern over IT safety is a major contributor to the headache. From service disruption to the risk of misplacing a data-filled asset, relocation often involves the heady mix of change and chaos.

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Thankfully, the combination of excellent planning and using an experienced provider can make a significant difference during a move. Companies such as Absolute IT can ensure that the transfer of computer equipment is smooth and hassle-free.

1. Getting To Know The Site

No two sites are the same, and the design and layout of the new space will have an influence on the network. Common considerations include:

  • Finding a suitable (and scalable) climate-controlled server room
  • Planning for external connectivity
  • Planning for server connectivity
  • Installing and testing the network cabling
  • Fitting RJ-45 connectors

At Absolute IT, we make the process effortless by surveying both sites, undertaking a thorough risk assessment and creating a change management plan.

2. Keeping Assets Safe

Hard drives are notoriously sensitive to shock damage, and all assets are at risk of loss and theft. They need to be transported in specialised packaging and secure vehicles. This is part of a solid BDR plan that prevents inadvertent data loss en route. Absolute IT will:

  • Take every server offline and record a file image of the configuration
  • Carry out remote data backup
  • Tag, log, and track
  • Provide secure transport
  • Create a transparent document trail

3. GDPR Security

Office relocation introduces some wildcards into the norms of data security, especially since the launch of the new GDPR legislation. Breaches must be reported within 72 hours of them occurring. The word ‘occurring’ is important here: reporting a breach 72 hours after you notice that an asset has gone walkabouts doesn’t count.


It is very easy for the task of logging and monitoring assets to become overwhelming, and for the time window to close incredibly quickly. At Absolute IT, we document and log everything for you, so that the only thing you have to worry about is picking up the new keys.

4. Professional Experience

Research consistently places relocating workplace at the top of the stress list, so it is surprising that so many people think that they can get away with opting for a DIY approach when it comes to a move. In our digital age, companies can be brought to their knees by losing IT assets or data. Experienced professionals can make sure that this part of the relocation headache is secure, safe, and effortless.

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If you are due to relocate and would like help or advice, Absolute IT has a highly experienced team of IT relocation specialists. Simply fill in the contact form, or give us a call on 01332 371 989.

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