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Strategies for Increasing Office Data Security

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There are many ways to ensure the security of your office data. Data erasure and destruction companies like Absolute IT are a definite asset to your business, ensuring the complete destruction of any sensitive information that may be held at your location. They are not the only steps you can take to ensure data security, however.

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Go Digital

Is your office filling up with filing cabinets? This kind of physical document management can not only get expensive, but it can leave you wide open to security breaches. When you convert your physical documents to digital ones, however, you can reap many benefits: You get to free up office space while eliminating the stress of going through file after file to find what you’re looking for. Digital documents can be filed according to any parameters you set, with all documents being accessible from a central location.


Once you’ve gone digital though, you need to ensure your physical documents are disposed of properly. That’s where our shredding services come in. Our service offers security and confidentiality, as our shredding units can shred to 6mm particulates.


Stopping Hard Drive Redundancy

Now that you’ve decided to go digital, it will become important to ensure the security of the hard drives and computers that your data is now being stored on. You may need to transfer your data to a new location if you notice that your current storage solution is failing. But it’s important to remember that deleting this information from the redundant drive will not be enough; you will also need to ensure the total destruction of your hard drives.


If your hard drives are in good health and you wish to keep using them, we can ensure complete data cleansing using Blancco data erasure software, which wipes away data on all media including laptops, USB media and server infrastructure.


Keeping Desks Clear

The desks in your office may be clear after you’ve gone digital, but what about after that? This is where an information policy needs to be put into place, something that reduces the possibility of paperwork being generated unnecessarily. To work properly, your policy will need to be reinforced on a regular basis, so that it becomes an integral part of your corporate culture. Any documents brought into the office in paper format should be scanned at a set time after having been received, and then destroyed as soon after that as possible. We don’t recommend using only your office paper shredders, as these can still place your data at risk. By all means, do shred your documents as soon as possible, but then call our team at Absolute IT to retrieve your shredded items and ensure their complete destruction.


The complete range of services our team offers can ensure the safe destruction of your data at every level. Whether you need to destroy old CDs, ID cards, DLT tapes, files or hard drives, Absolute IT has the knowledge, experience and tools to help you.

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