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The Double Backup Strategy

The Double Backup Strategy.pngAs an IT manager, you will already know how quickly a single disaster, whether it’s a system crash or security hack, can work to halt your company’s operations. And all too often, companies question their ability to safeguard data after a breach has occurred. The best time to ask the question of how to increase the safety of your company’s data is before disaster strikes.


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Why Your Backup Needs To Be Copied


One way to ensure the safety and accessibility of your data is to essentially backup your backup. This kind of sound planning has become a best practice for many companies, and there are several reasons why every organisation should consider implementing it.


1) EU Compliance


Regulations surrounding data security undergo constant change, making it difficult to stay up to date. It can be helpful to work with professionals when the decision to create a copy of your backup has been made. They will understand EU regulations for data archiving and will be able to help you stay compliant. They will also be able to show you how to adjust your archiving methods as your business needs change.


2) A Customised Solution


It may be that your company will require more than one type of backup to obtain the desired level of security. If this is the case with your company, then you have many options for creating a backup system with a high level of flexibility, which can be tailored to your specific data security needs.  For example, one type of hybrid system could place data that is most frequently accessed on disk, with a second backup existing on tape.


3) Improved Backup Cost Management


With a double backup strategy comprised of multiple data storage solutions in place, successful cost management can be realised. Tape, for example, offers limitless capacity and very low cost output when stored over the long term. This means your company can obtain additional security for less money than you would spend by not having that added layer of protection in place.


4) Higher Security Overall


Making a copy of your backup increases your company’s data security overall. The fact that this backup will be stored off-site also enhances security by eliminating the risk of keeping it in the same location as other data. Also, data stored off-site can be securely accessed via the cloud without any threat to its integrity, which also increases security.


Secure Archive Elimination


The time will inevitably come when you will need to safely destroy your backups. Whether they reside on tape, on disk or on a mobile device, our team at Absolute IT Asset Disposal can get it done safely, securely and with a complete asset report.


Our secure mobile recycling vehicles can arrive at your location and destroy your archives completely and in a secure manner. The industrial-level shredders we use can reduce CDs, hard drives, tapes and other storage media to 6mm particulate, leaving no possibility that the data stored on them can be accessed or stolen. Once destruction has been completed, you receive a certificate of destruction, data disposal certificate and a report which lists all media destroyed.


Safe Media Storage For Future Destruction


Where data-containing media needs to be stored, our services also include the delivery of secure office boxes to your facility. Only one call is required for delivery to your location. All items needing destruction can be placed in the secure office box, where they are inaccessible until such time that a call is made to our Absolute IT team to destroy the items contained within.


When you need advice about where to take your data protection strategy or how to formulate one, there is no better way than to consult with licensed security professionals who understand the regulations and options which exist for data storage and security. Give us a call to discuss your data security needs further.


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