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This Little-Known Security Threat Can Harm Your Business

This Little-Known Security Threat Can Harm Your Business.jpg

You may be keeping your sensitive data out of sight, ensuring all old computers are properly disposed of, and only retaining necessary business records. This means your company is perfectly secure. Or does it? The truth is that there’s one way that your company data could be being exposed to many: via your employee ID cards.

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Although ID cards aren’t always considered to be data assets, they are just that and so much more. Your company’s ID cards are the key to your company; they are what allow employees to access your building and all of its protected areas. But they can also allow unauthorised individuals these same privileges should they get into the wrong hands.


Are You Disposing of Employee ID Cards Properly?


Most of the time when an employee leaves a company they return their ID card, which is then most likely cut in half before being thrown in the rubbish or recycling bin. However, with just a bit of extra time and money, you could be ensuring the complete destruction of ID cards, leaving no possible chance that any of your sensitive information will be revealed to non-employees. The fastest and easiest way to dispose of employee ID cards is to shred them. And the best way to do this is to contact a data asset disposal service like Absolute IT.


Why Shred ID Cards?


Shredding ID cards has many benefits to your company. When a card is completely destroyed, no unauthorised individuals can gain access to your company’s building, nor can they gain entry into protected areas where sensitive information may be located. You may feel that the chances of this happening are small, but as with other security breaches, they only need to happen once.


Beyond this, and most importantly, by shredding your ID cards you are protecting the safety of all of your employees, as well as your customers. Imagine an unauthorised person with one of your employee ID cards. Not only could they steal company secrets, but if your business sends employees to customers’ homes, that individual may present a threat to them as well. The unassuming customer has no way of knowing whether the ID card a person is wearing is genuine. It is for these reasons that you should ensure every unused ID card has been completely destroyed.


How Professional Shredding is Done


Absolute IT specialises in the complete destruction of all manner of data-containing information, including ID cards. Our secure shredding service uses the latest technology and shreds to 6mm particulates, which are impossible to piece together.


With a data destruction company like Absolute IT in your corner, there’s no need to worry about the inadvertent exposure of your sensitive business data through employee ID cards.


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