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When to Consider IT Equipment Disposal

When_to_Consider_IT_Equipment_Disposal.jpgIs the equipment you’re using in your office running less efficiently than it used to? No equipment lasts forever, and your office computers and other devices are no different. On the other hand, you may not need to upgrade to the most current technology right now and send your old devices for IT equipment disposal. Indeed, the answer to the question of when to switch out your equipment can be elusive.

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Your Equipment Does Have a ‘Replace By’ Date


There are a few signs that indicate that your office computers, tablets and other devices are ready for recycling. Frequent breakdowns and slow operation are two symptoms of near-future replacement. If you’ve had your equipment for a long time, it’s important to be careful that you are still getting value out of it; if it’s costing you more to maintain your equipment than get new equipment, it may be time to recycle.


Old Equipment Needs Security, Too


Security is very important when you are using your equipment. But what about when it’s become redundant? When it comes time to recycle or dispose of equipment, lapses in data security can cause significant problems, including fraud and security breaches. These can cost an organisation hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal costs due to the compromising of sensitive employee or customer data.


The proper wiping of data from storage devices is strongly recommended if the equipment is going to be reused. If it is going for IT equipment disposal, there are several ways in which storage devices can be completely destroyed by crushing, shredding or other means.


WEEE Guidelines Must be Followed


UK companies discard two million tonnes of electronic and computer equipment on a yearly basis. Yet, they contain many types of dangerous materials including mercury and lead. It is not enough, nor is it legal, to dispose of any electronics equipment by throwing it into the rubbish. Doing so can incur hefty fines, as well as place people and the environment in danger. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive governs the way in which such items must be disposed of or recycled.


The best way to deal with IT equipment your company no longer wants or needs is to contact a reputable IT equipment disposal company, such as Absolute IT AD. The best company for your needs will be the one which not only knows complex WEEE guidelines intimately, but that will follow them religiously. Not only will a quality company be certified to handle your unwanted electronic equipment, but they will also ensure the security of data stored on your equipment at every stage of the process.


Absolute IT AD is one of only a handful of UK companies who are accredited with ADISA. If your business wants to have confidence that their partners operate to the highest industry standards which reflect current best practice for handling data carrying assets look for ADISA Certification to give you reassurance.


How To Dispose of Old IT Equipment

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Dispose of Old IT Equipment

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