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Why Recycle Computer Monitors?

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E-waste is growing every year at a phenomenal rate and every business should take steps to reduce the impact waste is having on the environment. The reason why it is so important for businesses to allocate their waste properly is the sheer amount of E-waste that many UK businesses produce each year. Every year, many businesses change their outdated equipment; including laptops, desktops, tablets and other hardware equipment such as monitors.


Due to environmental and landfill legislation, businesses can face fines if they do not dispose of or recycle their waste properly. Furthermore, if a business is guilty of inappropriately allocating their waste, they will risk the wrath of the media, which will blemish their good name and potentially discourage customers. Most customers would are attracted to businesses that prioritise the environment and allocate their waste effectively.


Out all of the equipment which a business dumps, monitors are the most common as they normally have a short life span. However, due to lack of awareness and options many businesses simply dispose of these assets, which commonly end up in land fill sites. What these businesses have to realise is that they can actually help the environment just by effectively recycling their computer monitors. Here is a list of the benefits or monitor recycling:


1) Recycling Monitors Helps Conserve Natural Resources 


The reason why our environment is at such a risk is due to our high demand and consumption of natural resources. When a company recycles their monitors they are helping society as a whole as this will reduce the number of resources being consumed to manufacture new equipment. For example, the plastic present in monitors can actually be reclaimed and recycled to produce new monitors!  


2) Recycling Monitors Can Help Create Local Jobs


Every monitor that is sent for recycling is sent to local electronic plants which recycling different kinds of devices. These plants employ a range of specialists according to the amount of work that they have, so sending monitors to these plants will increase their work load. Thus, by increasing their work load, these plants will have to employ more people.  


3) Recycling Monitors Can Help Support Your Local Community 


Monitors that can be refurbished can prove to be beneficial for your local community. When a monitor is sent to a recycling plant, it is first scrutinised to make sure that the unit is not salvageable. If it is salvageable then they can be used by schools and charitable organisations. So recycling your monitors can actively help support your local community. 


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All of these benefits underline the fact that every business should make every effort to recycle their monitors instead of dumping them or letting then collect dust. To learn more about effective equipment disposal or recycling, please call 01332 371989 to get in touch one of our service representatives.

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