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Why Should You Recycle Your Old Computer Equipment?


Time to get rid of that drawer full of old computer cables and parts that you don't even know what they are anymore? If you're like me, you tend to think "i may need this one day and won't have to buy a new whatever it is. 99% of the time, the parts lay around until years pass and its obsolete technology the next time you gaze upon your treasure hoard of useless computer or electronic parts, can you say "my precious"?

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It's tempting to just throw it all in the rubbish bin and be done with it, unfortunately, that's what most people do, and our landfills become more and more toxic every everyday. Here is why that is never a good idea...

Computers and electronics are manufactured with many toxic materials in them. For example old televisions and CRT monitors have up to 5lbs of lead in them. Not only is it a bad idea to dump that into the environment, but it is also illegal under the European WEEE regulations to do so. Computers including laptops and tablets contain dangerous levels of cadmium and lithium, as well as trace elements of mercury.

Over 40 million metric tons of e-waste are ended up in the words landfills last year alone. Fortunately, recycling IT equipment and electronics  is easier than ever. The benefits to the environment are great and you can help put computers back into the market place at a price point that gives access to computing for everyone.

Absolute IT group is a certified electronics recycler, we can receive any amount of your electronic waste. Either give us a call to arrange a collection or speak to us to find out more in helping you deal with your e-waste.

How To Dispose of Old IT Equipment

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