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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Electronic Resellers For Your Business’ Unwanted Hardware

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Electronic Resellers For Your Business’ Unwanted Hardware

From time to time, most businesses upgrade their IT hardware to keep pace with their competitors and the ever-changing face of technology. Replacing even a small number of computers, tablets, servers, and storage devices can be costly, so it’s unsurprising that many businesses seek to save money by reselling redundant electronic assets. There are numerous electronic resellers who will promise the Earth by offering to safely recycle unwanted computers, devices and storage devices, but trusting these companies can be laced with risk, and could cause unexpected consequences for your business.

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When Deleted Data Isn’t Really Deleted

Computers, servers and other storage devices are a mine of sensitive information. From financial information to personnel files, the electronic hardware of businesses could be invaluable to criminals who look to exploit the data that has been left behind.

Most IT professionals understand the importance of deleting data from computer hardware that has been destined for replacement, but often this information can be easily recovered and exploited. Electronic resellers, who aren’t always appropriately accredited, could seek to acquire sensitive data from your old hardware stock, and use it for fraudulent purposes, placing your customers at risk.

When Redundant Hardware Ends Up In Landfill

E-waste – unwanted computers, laptops, tablets and other electronic hardware – is the world’s fastest-growing waste challenge, with only 20% being recycled. Discarded equipment often ends up in landfill overseas, where contamination from screens and batteries can cause environmental damage, such as the seepage of toxic and carcinogenic material.

Under the Waste, Electronic and Electrical Equipment Directive (WEEE), businesses are obliged to ensure that redundant hardware is disposed of safely, while there’s also a strong moral obligation to ensure that equipment is properly recycled. Unless you use a certified asset disposal company, how certain can you be that your business’s old stock is legally and safely processed?

When Your Unwanted Assets Become A Money-making Venture

Some unscrupulous electronic resellers will acquire redundant equipment purely for the purpose of selling it for profit, often via online auction channels or private listings. This isn’t wrong in itself. However, unless hardware is professionally cleaned, with data completely removed, there is no guarantee that your business data won’t end up in the wrong hands and, you cannot know where electronic assets will end up.


100% Peace Of Mind

For peace of mind and certainty that your business’s hardware is lawfully and safely disposed of, only trust an ADISA certified asset disposal company. At Absolute ITAD, we guarantee to destroy confidential data from your electronic assets to meet your obligations under the Data Protection Act and GDPR, and to process the equipment for recycling or refurbishment appropriately.

To find out more about how Absolute ITAD can support your business, feel free to get in touch using the contact form on our website.

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