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How Can You Trust Your IT Recycler Is Erasing your Data?

How Can You Trust Your IT Recycler is Erasing your Data
A recent study revealed that many companies are still ignoring their GDPR compliance duties. With EU-wide penalties for non-compliance reaching the £10 million mark, this makes the IT recycling market potentially catastrophic for any business without a thorough understanding of data protection legislation. The only way to stay safe is with the help of the sole enterprise offering certification in keeping with GDPR standards. 

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The Risk Of Using Non-Accredited Recycling Services

Financial penalties aren’t the only risk of using a non-accredited recycling company. Free recycling services often use IT waste as a money-spinner in third world countries, exposing more than just your passwords. Without data cleansing or asset disposal, your data is at risk of a breach that comes with fines, lawsuits, and a loss of customer confidence.

Shoddy third-party disposal is frequently damaging to the environment. Waste products are often disposed of in landfills and incinerators, releasing harmful pollutants into the soil and air. Businesses that are caught violating environmental laws are at risk of fines. They may be held responsible for the cost of clean-ups, and the public relations nightmare that follows is often even more costly.

Watertight Auditing

Your IT recycler is trustworthy enough to operate with ethics and professionalism when is GDPR-compliant. Organisations can let their standards slip, so a one-stop audit cannot give you the trust you need in a long term recycling partner. A good IT auditing structure tracks every certification throughout the year, so every time you access its list, you do so in the knowledge that each IT recycling service is still keeping up with regulations. Audits include a GAP analysis, full day site inspection, and evidence related to physical security, data segregation, and staff vetting.
Trust falls short if the auditors themselves are unethical.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Customer’s Data

No company can afford to risk inferior data recycling services, and the sole way to make sure you avoid penalties is by hiring a professional, established IT support and services business. For free advice, contact us today.


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